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What Is unladylike?

adjective | un·la·dy·like | ənˈlādēˌlīk/

  1. committing everyday acts of patriarchal resistance

  2. choosing social consciousness over status consciousness 

  3. burning all bras   




Did y'all know that the US Constitution does not guarantee gender equality? It's true. Now, under a soon-to-be majority conservative Supreme Court,  reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ non-discrimination are in the legal crosshairs. Laws and legislation that can be overturned, but a constitutional amendment would truly safeguard our civil liberties. 

Like an IUD contraceptive, an Equal Rights Amendment inserted into the Constitution would provide safe, long-lasting protection against unplanned politics. For an accessible breakdown of what that means, listen to episode 20: How to Stop Getting Screwed In the SCOTUS

Instead of prepping for Gilead, we're encouraging Unladylike pals to use #IUDmyrights to spread the word about why we need an Equal Rights Amendment and how we can make it happen. On our ERA resource page, you'll also find downloadable social images, frequently asked questions and links to organizations dedicated to the ERA cause. To get in touch with us about Unladylike, the ERA and #IUDmyrights, email us. ✊⚡