Unladylike Hotline Bling

Fun news, friends: The Unladylike Hotline is open! Just dial 262-8-GALPAL (262-842-5725) and leave a message. Say what? It's a voicemail box hosted by us, Cristen and Caroline, that you can dial up and share whatever unladylike conundrum, clapback, topic request, etc. is on your mind.

It's a number to call when you want to be heard but might not be sure who to talk to. Or maybe you just need to get something off your chest, like the comeback you wish you'd delivered to your mansplaining coworker or the fuckboi you finally swore off. Or maybe you just wanna celebrate your rad self--tell us about it!

When you call, it'll ring through to a greeting from C or C, and then you just leave a message. If you'd like us to get in touch, be sure to include your email address. Because we're only two human persons, it might a few weeks for us to respond. Or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know so we don't accidentally share any info you'd rather we not. 

Why are we doing this? As y'all may know we're cooking up a ~classy~ new podcast and want to talk about the everyday eperiences, issues, and what-the-fuckery that matter to YOU. If the #metoo virality teaches us anything, it's that women are still expected to stay quiet, make pleasantries, and smile when it hurts. But the lemonade is the groundswell that can happen when girls, women, and gender-nonconforming people feel safe and empowered to speak up, regardless of who's listening. 

We--Cristen and Caroline--want the unladylike podcast to feel like that, too. But as much as we strive to provide intersectional contexts for convos (and newsletters!), our white-privileged, straight, cis, American voices can't accomplish that alone. Nor should they! The power of community relies on not just talking, but actively listening, and we wanna hear from YOU. Hence, the Unladylike Hotline.

Call today! Or tomorrow! Or never because you're just not "a phone person," which is totally fine, too. 
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