Fund Reproductive Justice

Low-income women, women of color and undocumented women are disproportionately affected when abortion access is restricted. “What you have here is a distinct representation of the ageism, classism, sexism that follows the unintended — or intended — consequences of restrictions on abortion in certain states and on the federal level,” Gretchen Ely, a social work researcher who’s studied the socioeconomics of abortion. “It’s an excellent representation of the intersection of all the ‘isms’.”

Donations to groups like the National Network of Abortion Funds can help women receive the medical care they need and deserve. Also consider areas of the country where abortion clinics are fewest and farthest between, like Texas’ Rio Grande Valley where all but one abortion clinic were forced to close, following the now-overturned HB 2. La Frontera Fund direct supports reproductive needs in that massively underserved region.

Sarah Lawrence